Email marketing is a big part of any marketing campaign, and it can have phenomenal results when done correctly. To best facilitate a great email marketing campaign, having access to resources like MailChimp can help. Discover five of the key ways that MailChimp can improve your email marketing campaign.

1. Make it Easier to Compile a Comprehensive List of Recipients

One of the most important parts of email marketing is putting together a list of recipients. This could include people who have opted-in to receiving emails through an online form, local clients or previous customers. If you have addresses collected through a number of different means, they can be easily compiled in MailChimp. Best of all, MailChimp lets you sort and create multiple mailing lists depending on product type or occasion. This could, for example, let you target specific geographic regions or even genders depending on products or sales coming up. The more targeted the email to the demographic, the more likely it will be read. Plus, these targeted emails may prevent recipients from deleting or blocking you as a sender entirely.

2. Provides Statistics on Unopened Emails and Click Rates

When you send a direct email from your company’s email address to a list of recipients, there isn’t inherently a way to tell how many people actually opened the email or clicked on any links within. Through MailChimp, however, all that information is available to you. You can easily find out the raw data on how many email recipients opened the email at all as well as how many of those, in turn, clicked on links within the email. Knowing which emails are more likely to get opened and which links are more likely to get clicked can be instrumental in future email campaigns, ensuring your marketing improves over time.

3. Allows for Easy Data Exports to Excel

Along with allowing you to see relevant data in the MailChimp interface, the program allows you to easy export that data to other programs. After learning the percentages of links clicked in various emails, for example, you can export that to Excel and rank the list in order to see which have been most successful. Data can be collated, analyzed and organized however it is best for your company and your future marketing plans.

4. Design More Visually Appealing Emails

MailChimp doesn’t design your emails for you, but it can offer resources to make your emails more attractive. MailChimp operates an Inspiration Page, which can give you ideas and spark creativity when putting together your next email. The service’s Design Guide is even more helpful, because it gives detailed tips on everything from the best color choices to which fonts work best for specific demographics and even tips on content layout. Taking these expert tips will help your marketing team create more appealing and attractive emails that can convey a better brand image and are more likely to capture the interest and attention of the recipient.

5. See Exactly How Emails Will be Viewed Before Sending

One of the most common problems for those sending marketing emails is not knowing how an email’s layout or images will appear in various browsers or mobile platforms. MailChimp, however, offers a Preview Mode. The Inbox Inspector tool also comes in handy, showcasing both how your email will appear to the recipient and whether it will get flagged as spam based on key phrases or the email title itself.

MailChimp can improve your email marketing campaign by making it easier to compile comprehensive lists of recipients, providing statistics, allowing you to export data, helping you create more visually appealing emails and letting you preview emails before they ever get sent.