I have been testing and using a series of marketing apps and tools. Some of these online marketing tools are very powerful and can save you a lot of time for no (or almost no) money. I sincerely hope these marketing tools will help you accelerate your marketing! Feel free to make some additions in the comments section.

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Description: Hootsuite and Buffer cost about $10 per month to get started, and are the easiest ways to automate your social media postings. Hootsuite is a very famous online marketing tool and will even offer you to create content for you. It will select tweets to retweets and news to post on your social media channels depending on pre-defined settings. Powerful! Of course it doesn’t replace your blog posts, papers, findings, on demand webinars, etc. but it will help you fill the gaps. Also, it saves you an incredible amount of time.

Usage: Refill every 2 weeks and daily depending on the news!

Websitehoosuite.com / bufferapp.com

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Description: Docsend is very smart online marketing tool. It is a new way to track who opened your attached documents, but also what they view, how much time they spent on it. For example, you can learn an immense amount of information from sending a 10-page PDF with 3 offers listed on different pages. With this new online marketing tool, you can learn which offer prospects spend the most time on and adapt your marketing and sales strategy accordingly. You can give more qualified leads to your sales because you have more knowledge. Give it a try!

Usage: Once a week to 2 weeks.


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Description: Adroll is a retargeting platform. It is a marketing tool specifically for advertising, and more precisely for retargeting. People who visit your website will see a number of your banners on other websites. Retargeting is very powerful to bring back people who already know you to your website. It is also great to look bigger. A client of Timelapse was recently featured in Forbes. Of course, it’s just a banner displayed there because the visitor was previously on the client’s website, but it is still very impressive for whoever sees the banner. 

Frequency: Update every one or two months.


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Description: Toutapp is a very simple and nimble marketing tool. It is a nice day-to-day alternative to traditional email marketing tools out there. You can customize a lot of variable fields in the email, and send it out in a very short time. It comes very handy to support small sales teams, and is a nice addition to designed emailing campaigns built in Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other more cumbersome tools.

Frequency: Every day.


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Description: Yesware lives in gmail or any email clients and will tell you if and when someone opened your email. Very useful for sales teams, I think the data is insightful interesting for marketers to receive from sales people. It is also a good open / click rate indicator if you are not sending specific emails through a large email marketing tool.

Frequency: Every day.


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Description: It is a powerful tool for salespeople and recruiters, so why not for marketers? Connectifier will give you the email address, linkedin info, and top contact info for anyone listed on a webpage. It’s particularly useful to save time to add people to LinkedIn in one click. It also fits nicely at the right side of your window, it is very discrete so you can pull it from the right of your screen in one click when you need it. Try it out.

Frequency: Every day.