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Timelapse Settles Down in the City That’s a Mile Up

In the minds of many, mention of The Mile-High City raises images of the downtown skyline against the backdrop of the Front Range, memories of watching its professional sports teams’ hard-earned victories over formidable rivals or the sensation of skiing down snowy slopes during weekend escapes from all things urban. That’s the key reason why […]

Growth Through Design: Reimagining Your Brand Canvas

There is something spectacular about a blank canvas or a vacant field. Where some see only chalky textile or mounds of soil, designers of all stripes see pure possibility. They know they can shape any platform for a defined purpose. They can paint rough themes through broad strokes or capture minute detail by choosing the […]

Growth Engineering: When Growth Hackers Grow Up

It’s 2010. Mark is your scrappy startup’s resident “Growth Hacker,” a term just coined by tech influencer Sean Ellis. Social Media as an institution is in full swing and the recent economic crisis leaves no room for exorbitant marketing budgets. What is a Mark to do? Naturally, he puts the bulk of his energy towards […]

The Best Cold Email You Have Never Received

Cold emails. Everyone gets them, most people hate them, and many delete them before even opening – I know I am guilty of this. They are usually easy to spot, generic, and often turn prospects away from a brand. However, if perfected they can serve as a powerful cost-efficient tool for lead generation. Let’s dig […]

How We Built a Successful Event Series to Build Awareness and Credibility

myClin is a leading Clinical Oversight Platform, offering a transformative collaboration channel and the most documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight. Used across all phases of clinical research, myClin’s technology aims to enhance participation, engagement, collaboration, and compliance in clinical trials. Timelapse helped rethink their positioning and messaging, redesigned myClin.com from the ground up, continuously provides […]

Clutch Names Timelapse a Top 20 Creative Agency in San Francisco

At Timelapse, we strive to help innovative organizations of all sizes break creative boundaries to stand out and change the game. We provide strategy, marketing, branding, web, video, and social media services to innovative start-ups as well as enterprises and incubators around the world. On Thursday, February 28th, Clutch announced the leading San Francisco B2B […]

SEO Trainer’s 5 Obvious Tips For Picking the Best SEO Class

By Cort Tafoya, SEO Consultant & Instructor at Timelapse Picking the right SEO class can be a challenge. Between your unique business goals, online and offline course options as well as free ebooks littered across the web, it’s hard to know which educational path to take. The last 4 years I’ve been a SEO trainer in […]

Timelapse Featured Among Top Advertising Agencies on Clutch

After speaking with one of our clients about the experience we provide, ratings and reviews firm Clutch has recently featured Timelapse among the top advertising agencies in San Francisco. Clutch is a Washington-based market research company which delves into the experience of hundreds of agencies across digital and traditional marketing industries. Their work provides in-depth […]