Outbrain Amplify is a service that gives you the ability to have your content distributed to leading, high traffic content publishers, including CNN, ESPN, Mashable, People and many others. This innovative platform makes it possible to get your best content, whether articles, blog posts or videos, in front of a highly targeted audience. Outbrain Amplify recommends your content, based on the specific interests and demographics you want to reach.

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The Challenge of Content Distribution

While it is commonly repeated that “content is king” on the web, many publishers face the problem of actually getting their content in front of the right audience. Traditional solutions such as SEO or even paid advertising do not necessarily provide the type of highly targeted traffic that you need for optimum results.

Paid advertising on premium sites, meanwhile, can prove extremely costly. According to Digiday.com, to own the large display ad with video on the YouTube homepage, advertisers typically pay up to $400,000. It’s usually sold as a package, though, with other media such as in-stream video ads, display ads, or featured video listings.

There is also the problem of consumer saturation with advertising. Many people are accustomed to ignoring or immediately clicking away from ads without reading them. This is called “banner blindness”, a phenomenon where visitors consciously or subconsciously ignore banners and banner-like information, which can also be called ad blindness or banner noise.

How Outbrain Amplify Solves This Problem

Outbrain Amplify makes it simple for you to get your content in front of the type of readers you prefer, people who are already on a popular website that’s complementary to your content. Furthermore, this service is known as a content discovery platform rather than a conventional advertising platform. Your content is presented as a recommendation rather than an advertisement, which lends more credibility to it. This way, you are perceived more as a partner of the website rather than someone who is placing an ad.

Outbrain Amplify also gives you the ability to reach readers of high traffic authority sites at a much lower cost than advertising on these sites. With Outbrain Amplify, you have the choice of promoting an URL link to your blog or website or an RSS feed. You can set any daily budget you choose, with a minimum of $10 per day. You only pay for actual clicks to your content.

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How to Get the Most Out of Outbrain Amplify

If you are accustomed to online advertising, one thing you will have to keep in mind with Outbrain Amplify is that you are promoting content rather than placing an ad. This means you will want to share your best, most relevant and helpful content. Outright advertising is not permitted on this platform. Even indirectly trying to sell something will most likely alienate your audience. That’s why one of the best strategies for maximizing your results is to use Outbrain Amplify to get readers that will, hopefully, opt-in to more content directly on your site.

When you provide a targeted audience with content that they find useful, they will probably be interested to find out more. Make sure your content includes a call-to-action that makes it easy for readers to sign up for your email list or newsletter. To make this even more enticing, provide them with an “ethical bribe”, such as a free gift. This may be a guide, white paper, eBook or free trial to your membership site.