When it comes to online marketing, most professionals wholeheartedly believe that Google AdWords is the ideal platform. However, alternatives like Bing Ads Editor are gaining speed, and they may just be the best option for your business. Bing Ads as a whole is growing rapidly, taking just over 19 percent of the market share for 2015. Although Google is still the big fish, its market share is actually decreasing, paving the way for even more Bing Ads growth. Still not convinced? Discover more about why Bing Ads Editor is the ultimate tool for online marketing and how it could end up being your favorite and most effective way to target consumers and potential customers.

Cheaper Costs Per Click

In any online marketing campaign, one of the most important details is the CPC, or cost per click. This is essentially what you’ll pay if your ad is broadcast and the targeted user clicks on it and opens up your website or app. Obviously, the lowest cost per click is desirable, and Bing Ads definitely aims to be competitive. On average, the cost per click through Bing Ads is one-third cheaper than the CPC through Google. Bing Ads Editor can help you to create fantastic ads, and then you can afford to make them more widespread because the cost is lower. When every penny counts, a more affordable CPC is an incredible advantage that could cause many marketing professionals to switch over to Bing Ads for good.

Easy Ad Scheduling Tools

One of the great things about utilizing Bing Ads and the Editor function is that you can schedule your ads more conveniently. Scheduling ads is nearly effortless, as all you’ll need to do is choose a language and pick the cities, states or countries you want to target. Then, you can schedule the time that the ads should be displayed in each location. You might target city-dwelling young professionals on weeknights, and you might target rural housewives in the morning. The choice is yours, and the management of ads targeted to multiple groups doesn’t have to be complicated.

Less Competition

Although the use of Bing Ads is growing, there is still minimal competition among advertisers, particularly when compared to Google. With fewer competitors, there is a greater chance that you can be one of the top advertisers when someone searches for a specific key word or phrase. If you operate a restaurant in Chicago, for example, you might want your ads to come up when users in the area search for the best places to eat in Chicago. On Google, you might have to pay a fortune in order for your ad to appear above other eateries. With Bing, you have a much greater chance of success, and you won’t necessary have to pay more for the less competitive market, thanks to the lower CPC mentioned above.

Optimal Device Targeting

One of the ways that Google comes up short among marketing professionals is the lack of options for specific device targeting. In today’s world, many companies only want to target demographics who are browsing the web on their smartphones or their tablets. Alternatively, some businesses may want to specifically target users on desktop computers. With Bing Ads Editor, it is possible to specify the exact device demographic you require. You can even opt to specify a particular type of operating system, furthering your chance of attracting your ideal audience.

Soon to be Available on Mac

Despite the clearly impressive features of Bing Ads and the Editor function, a tool that can help users create ads, sync campaigns and research keywords, many marketing professionals were drawn away from it because it only works on PCs. Mac users, therefore, were forced to rely on a PC when using Bing Ads or turn to Google and Yahoo instead. Thankfully, Mac users are in for a treat in the summer of 2016. Bing Ads Editor will be available on Macs, allowing more users to access this incredible resource and take full advantage of its many benefits.

If you are currently relying exclusively on Google Adwords for your online marketing campaigns, you might want to investigate alternatives. Bing Ads Editor allows for the construction, targeting and dissemination of ads, and it does it all with less competition and lower costs to you.