Branding is a powerful tool to attract and retain customers. Many companies fail to brand themselves in a unique and effective manner that makes them stand out from the competition. This often happens at an early stage. By definition, branding is the process of creating a unique name and image for a company and its products or services in the mind of your audience. Remember that you only control half of your brand, the other half is what your audience thinks of you.

Branding will increase your impact as it creates a consistent look, feel and message across diverse digital and print platforms and channels. Branding establishes a unique and significant presence for your company that sets it apart from the noise in the marketplace. This process requires that you understand fundamentals elements of a brand. First, you need define a unique and compelling vision and value proposition. Your brand is the expression of your vision and value proposition.

Here is a video featuring Sasha Strauss, Branding Expert at “Think Branding” with Google. Sasha explains in simple terms how “Branding in the New Normal”, leveraging great examples and branding case studies.

Learn Branding from an Experienced Brand Creative

Timelapse offers a Branding class so you can learn from an experienced brand creative with years of experience working with small to large businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will learn to create a powerful brand that attracts and converts customers. Anna Colibri, local brand creative, will rely on brand development tools and case studies from her own experience and take a look at successful brands we all know and love. You will understand what makes successful brands unique and high impact. The class will give you tools so you can create a new brand or enhance your existing brand.

The format of our branding class is in-person so you can ask questions and gain valuable insight from the instructor. You will walk away armed with all the tools needed to successfully create a compelling brand. Unlike other free online courses, our branding class in San Francisco will engage participants and teach them actionable strategies to successfully create or enhance their own brand. Our one-day, hands-on marketing training includes workshops so that guests can work together to incorporate the curriculum and apply it to their own businesses directly.

Walk Away With Valuable Brand Development Tools

You’ll learn brand development tools and review case studies to see how successful companies crafted their brands over time. You’ll have a better understanding of what makes successful brands unique and how they can have a big impact.