At Timelapse, we strive to help innovative organizations of all sizes break creative boundaries to stand out and change the game. We provide strategy, marketing, branding, web, video, and social media services to innovative start-ups as well as enterprises and incubators around the world.

On Thursday, February 28th, Clutch announced the leading San Francisco B2B companies for 2019 – 200 were selected out of thousands of companies on the site. The caliber of creative agencies featured is high, and the team at Timelapse is proud to be among them in the Top 20. Clutch is a ratings and reviews research firm for companies that provide marketing and digital services, like social media marketing. They are based in Washington D.C. and collect verified reviews on behalf of companies through a comprehensive process.

Our recognition resulted from our reputation in the industry and consistent dedication to our clients’ long term success. Our Clutch reviews speak for themselves and have led to our presence among the top web designers in San Francisco on the platform. Below is one of several succinct summaries of our reviews, allowing buyers to understand the project and client’s experience in a quick glance:



In addition to our recognition by Clutch, we have also been noted on The Manifest, a sister website to Clutch, as one of the top 50 digital agencies in San Francisco. The Manifest is similar to Clutch in that it is another online database that researches top global B2B providers. Timelapse was also featured on Visual Objects, Clutch’s newest affiliate site, which provides buyers with a centralized catalog of the work from leading B2B creatives, development firms, and digital marketing agencies.

Upon receipt of this award, the CEO of Timelapse, Olivier Roth, commented on the company’s relationship with Clutch:


“Clutch has been a trusted partner and a reliable source of business for Timelapse since the beginning. We always strive to put quality first in our work so it means a lot to be recognized by a trustworthy reference like Clutch.” 


Thank you to Clutch and our clients for your continued support. We look forward to reaching even higher levels of success going forward.