In the digital world, content marketing is currently one of the hottest trends going right now. It’s a phenomenal way to engage with your audience by providing compelling and relevant information. And the beauty of content marketing is that it’s currently the most powerful way to connect with your audience online.

Forget about the old ways. In order to reach a specific and focused audience, random content isn’t the way to go. However, by sharing relevant content on topics valuable for your company or industry, and by targeting this information for a clearly-defined audience, your brand will more likely get interactions with the desired customers.


Content Marketing Strategies in Action

As an example, let’s say your life science company is having difficulty with rodent handling strategiesYou can share content discussing your rodent handling problems and talk about the creative ways that you’ve solved them. And if you share this information on social media, or leave comments open on your blog, you’ll even get feedback from your audience and you can use that for even more content at another time in the future.

But let’s take myClin as a second example. Being a software which facilitates the collaboration, participation, and oversight of clinical trials, the content related to the company is quite specific and does not fit the general public. Therefore, by using a defined content strategy on myClin’s positioning and its vision, and by spreading it on the right channels to the right audience, the platform’s activation is likely to grow.



These are just two of many examples of how content marketing can aid life science companies to help spread their message.


Why Is Content Marketing the Right Choice to Promote Your Business?

Not that long ago, interruption marketing was an effective way to grab the attention of your potential audience. With interruption marketing, you would basically use intrusive marketing tactics to grab people’s attention.

Guess what? Interruption marketing doesn’t work anymore!

There’s just too much content on the Internet at this point. People are so easily distracted, yet there’s always something else to get their attention waiting right around the corner. On the other hand, content marketing is focused, timely, and very effective. It’s a major shift from the way that we have marketed in the past, and audiences appreciate it because you’re providing them with high-value content that they enjoy and find very beneficial. Marketers need to better understand consumer behavior if they want to effectively market online. To really gain the attention of consumers interested in your products or services, it’s important to share valuable information related to your life science company and the industry as a whole. If you provide valuable content, people will start paying attention to you. They will look at you as an authority in your industry and come to you when they have questions that need answering.

This is exactly what you need in order to put your business on the map. And it’s precisely what you should do to grow your company at a relatively rapid pace as long as you can get your content in front of your target audience on a large scale.


Cut Through the Overwhelm and Become an Industry Thought Leader

When you execute a well thought out content marketing plan, you will soon be considered a major thought leader in your industry.

Remember, people are looking for industry related content all the time. If you start strategically sharing it on social media while using SEO to gain rankings in the search engines, your audience will definitely find you. And once you’re found, your highly valuable content will lend you a measure of authority. And before long, the industry will recognize you as a major player.

Our client Profusa is a good example in that case. Positioning itself in the biotech wearables field, Profusa needed to be acknowledged as a key player in this industry. A part of this strategy was to share relevant and targeted content on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn). In fact, communicating on valuable information or attended events (such as TEDMED), tagging related Twitter accounts and using specific hashtags, allowed Profusa to gain awareness and credibility in its industry.




Content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult at all. And it’s the perfect way for the life science industry to get found by those desperately looking for trustworthy, thought-provoking, and interesting content about industry related subjects.

Use content marketing to the fullest to grow and expand your business’s reach.