The best marketing strategy is one that has a clear target audience and can tailor the campaign to reach that demographic. In digital marketing, one of the biggest challenges that I’ve come across is ensuring that a business appears relevant to Generation Z. Uncover some of the best tips that can ensure your digital marketing campaign stays fresh in the eyes of Generation Z.

Identifying Generation Z

Perhaps the first step in creating a targeted and relevant marketing campaign aimed at this generation is understanding what is truly entails. Coming after millennials, Generation Z starts with those born in the last 1990s and goes to those born in the present day. That means that the oldest members of this generation are just turning 18, while others are still in diapers. Knowing what age group within the generation you want to impact is a smart move for companies, as the tastes and preferences within a single generation can differ greatly.

Make Shorter, Quicker Content

When targeting millennials, companies had 30 seconds or a minute to make an impact. With the next generation, attention spans are getting even shorter. With multiple devices available at any given moment and a great familiarity with all things digital, young teens aren’t going to read a long article or watch a seven-minute video unless it is truly spectacular. Change how you deliver content by making quick, 15-second videos and list-driven articles with clear, short paragraphs suitable for skimming.

Avoid Youth-Focused Slang

Marketing to a younger generation often results in forced slang that feels dated and out of touch. The last thing a company wants to do is sound like an uncool dad when talking to teens or children. Incorporating slang like JK and YOLO felt fresh in years past because it was a revolutionary move, but today’s teens have seen it already. Treat this generation like adults, rather than kids, and they will have a greater respect for the brand as a result.

Market Across Multiple Platforms

Many members of Generation Z are active on multiple social media platforms, and each may be associated with a different aspect of their personality. Facebook might be for the family friendly content, since even their grandma has a profile, Twitter might be for seeming smart and cultured and Instagram is all about expressing creativity. It is not unusual for this younger generation to switch back and forth across platforms hourly, so a great marketing campaign will be effective over multiple platforms simultaneously.

Create a Unique Brand Personality

One thing that this generation truly admires is uniqueness. Conformity for conformity’s sake is a trait of their parents, not of themselves. To match that line of thinking, companies targeting teens or children should try to come up with an interesting and unique brand personality. Being unusual, or even downright weird, is still better than being bland. Going out of the box means your campaign deserves extra attention, and that will stick in the mind of a younger generation and even help to create brand loyalty for decades to come.

Combine Philanthropy with Advertising

One perhaps unexpected but certainly positive trait of this generation is the desire to do good and be seen doing good. Companies who tie philanthropy to their advertising, perhaps with a hashtag or a promise to donate after a certain number of likes and shares, will be viewed in a better light.

Generation Z is different in many ways from the millennials that came before it. If you want to stay relevant to this younger generation, these tips can go a long way in helping you market to the right demographic in a meaningful way.