We here at Timelapse regularly attend networking events for marketers and startupers in the SF Bay Area, and so should you! We are always looking for new opportunities to network with peers. For your convenience, we have compiled this list of groups that are organizing some quality events of note in the Bay Area. Please feel free to improve this list by commenting and recommending adding relevant groups we may have missed!

1. Drink Entrepreneurs

> Description: DrinkEntrepreneurs is a monthly event where entrepreneurs connect in a relaxed way. The event currently runs every first Thursday of the month in Shanghai, Paris, London, San Francisco and many other cities. Thousands of entrepreneurs have met partners, co-workers, investors and friends thanks to the special and relaxed atmosphere of the event. DrinkEntrepreneurs is different from other events because it’s very laid back and informal. It’s like having a beer with friends, nothing like overtime. It’s non-profit, we do it for fun. There are lots of young startupers and you don’t wear a tie unless you plan to use it for a lap dance!

> Frequency: Every month.

> Location: Folsom Street Foundry or 111 Minna Gallery.

> Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/DrinkEntrepreneurs

2. San Francisco Agile Marketing Meetup

> DescriptionSince October 2012 this group has been hosting monthly meetups in San Francisco to educate product and marketing professionals on agile practices and how to implement them in their own environment. This is a very good educational event for marketers. The quality of the panelists is excellent, topics range from Growth Hacking to User Experience, and Social Media applied to Growth. The meetup is organized by a team of marketers from diverse SF-based companies including Twitter, Mindjet, Subtraction Capital, and Hotwire.

> Frequency: Monthly.

> Location: Artis Ventures, on the 27th Floor of Steuart Tower in One Market Plaza

> Websitehttp://sfagilemarketing.com/

3. SF Growth Hackers Meetup

Description: This group is a good opportunity to network and learn from experienced panelists. The format is pretty laid-back, and there is a lot of room to engage other marketers or growth hackers. The groups aims at educating members on how to leverage user analytics, split testing and modern marketing techniques to improve every step of a sales funnel.

Frequency: Every 2 weeks.

Location: StartupHouse, at 934 Howard St San Francisco