After speaking with one of our clients about the experience we provide, ratings and reviews firm Clutch has recently featured Timelapse among the top advertising agencies in San Francisco. Clutch is a Washington-based market research company which delves into the experience of hundreds of agencies across digital and traditional marketing industries. Their work provides in-depth analyses of these companies based on over a dozen criteria, including past experience, clientele, accolades, and capabilities. Most importantly, the Clutch team relies heavily on their conversations with each agency’s clients themselves, garnering a full understanding of the agency-client relationship.

We’re proud that one of our clients has already spoken out about our services on the Timelapse Clutch profile, leaving us a 5-star rating for our collaboration. Here are some of the things our client had to say:

“They’re extremely reliable. They’re very dedicated. If you had a deadline, if you have a need, you know it’s going to be met. I really enjoy that. They’re really involved. They go in-depth about a company, the different stakeholders, the industry and so on, so it’s not superficial. We’ve worked with some companies who wrote content for our blogs and they didn’t have the depth that we needed. Here, it’s really done diligently and I like that. I really appreciate the quality and reliability. They listen to the customers. I really think the customer approach, service, and attention is definitely something to highlight.”

When asked specifically about the results our WordPress development and video production brought, our customer said:

“Definitely, we have very valuable content, which has driven traffic and interest to our company. We also got very good feedback from our clients on the case study videos. They thought the videos were really professional and viewers really understood what they wanted to say.”

We’re thrilled that our reliability and results came through in our work with this client, as with the other institutions we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

To see our inclusion in Clutch’s San Francisco research, check out the links below: