More and more companies are bringing creative and marketing functions in-house, rather than relying on agencies to support their day-to-day activities. This shift is disrupting the way agencies are run, since they are now primarily brought in to support high-priority and high-stakes campaigns or projects. There’s no room for mediocrity.

For many agencies, the new standards for their work could present a challenge. But at Timelapse, we’re not concerned. We already have a track record of excellent results and stellar client partnerships, and we’re entering this new era as a leading creative agency in San Francisco.

Recently, ratings and reviews firm Clutch featured Timelapse in their effort to announce leading agencies across more than two dozen service offerings. The firm specializes in measuring the agency-client relationship, and they use in-depth client reviews to do so. In 15-minute phone interviews, clients expose what makes each agency on the platform great.

We’re proud that several of our clients have spoken out about our work together:

“I think of Olivier as my head of marketing. He’s full of ideas and critical insights. He brings ideas to the table and holds both of us to account, which is a good attribute. We have plenty of material to show what we do, but we don’t have a clear way to show improved sales performance. Our customer base is still too small to credit certain initiatives reliably to anyone. The website is more credible now and full of content. We have clear ideas to verify the sales pitch. What I say on the phone matches the website. Visitors can see a customer reference that points to our shared success. That is important in pushing sales prospects forward.”

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“We initially hired them to launch our website and develop marketing material like industry specific publications. Olivier and his team did such a good job in building our brand and providing consistency in our marketing material that we let his team support our marketing operations. We’re now seeing opportunities and new business come in through our website, which speaks for itself. New customers searching for our services are connected to us, and it’s all done online. It’s been a tremendous turn of events in only two years.”

We’re so proud to be recognized as a leading agency in San Francisco, and we’re excited to the next era of agency partnerships!