In the minds of many, mention of The Mile-High City raises images of the downtown skyline against the backdrop of the Front Range, memories of watching its professional sports teams’ hard-earned victories over formidable rivals or the sensation of skiing down snowy slopes during weekend escapes from all things urban.

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Denver is a desirable destination largely because of how well it subsists in the balance between beautiful outdoor scenery and a strong, diverse local economy. In this setting and over the past decade, a fledgling technology scene has evolved into a flourishing sector serving industries as varied as the city’s inhabitants and surroundings.

These are among the aspects that explain why Timelapse has recently opened an office in Denver, and in this post, we explore even more compelling reasons for you and your brand to focus on strategic growth in the area.

An Animated, Welcoming Startup Ecosystem

The fact that Denver is the largest city within hundreds of miles somehow makes it feel larger, while strangely not making the space around it seem any smaller. This may be why local entrepreneurs are so willing to accept newcomers into the environment—there seems to be endless room for expansion.

The nearly 300 startups that have sprouted from Denver’s fertile commercial soil over the past few years are evidence of this, as are the recent high-profile office openings from companies including Apple and Facebook. This constant activity promotes practically self-sustaining energy around launching meaningful enterprise.

Regular networking events sponsored by organizations such as Built in Colorado and Startup Grind’s Denver chapter provide excellent opportunities to experience this inviting spirit first hand.

An Exceptional Urban Infrastructure

The only thing that compares to the warm welcome Denverites offer is the accommodating nature of the city itself. Denver’s forward-thinking policies surrounding infrastructure development are visible perhaps nowhere more than in its public transit system. Over the past decade, what was once a faltering train system has been converted into an exemplary network of rail lines extending throughout the metropolitan area and to outlying communities like Broomfield and Boulder. The iconic Union Station—the hub of bus, light rail and passenger train traffic—was renovated in 2014. It is a microcosm of the effort that has been made to improve infrastructure both for residents and businesses.

Access to reliable transportation (both ground and air travel), affordable utilities including electricity, water and high-speed internet, and superior shopping and entertainment options are important advantages for residents in general. However, one of the most important infrastructure benefits to businesses is more abstract: Colorado’s tax infrastructure.

The cost of doing business in Denver is much lower than it is in San Francisco and New York in large part because the city incentivizes business development through lower taxes than coastal cities. The additional allure of lower property costs makes for a satisfying comprehensive package. All of this reflects another layer of Denver’s hospitality towards innovative business owners and their talented teams.

An Affordable, Highly Skilled Workforce

At Timelapse, we understand that companies consist of people. Competitive advantage in any marketplace begins with someone arriving at a crucial realization about the next big need and how best to fill it. We specialize in helping brands express their intrinsic value in the most captivating way possible, but we know it still takes people to consistently deliver that value by creating in-demand products and services.

This focus on people has led us to partnerships within a segment of the tech sector that places extensive emphasis on people—the biotech segment. Innovation in the life sciences requires a prized blend of rare job skills and extensive understanding of the interactions between market demand and regulation. It may come as a surprise, but Denver is an ideal location for companies seeking this winning combination.

The fusion of a favorable infrastructure and a welcoming startup atmosphere are only part of Denver’s magnetic pull. Another vital part is its proximity to the sustainable recruiting engine that is the University of Colorado Boulder and the university’s own thriving startup ecosystem. A surprising concentration of its students participate in local startup culture while receiving top-notch academic training. Since startups can have more limited recruiting power than established brands, it is critical to note that these prospective workers are often willing to stay in Denver because the cost of living is comparatively much lower than it would be in other life sciences markets, which tend to be on either coast of the U.S.

An Expanding Network of Investors

With these exceptional benefits, it is little wonder that the JLL Life Sciences Report has ranked Denver as the No. 11 life sciences market in the U.S. in 2018. No other interior city has ranked as highly as Denver.

Another important statistic related to Denver’s viability as a setting for startups is the status of venture capital investments that have poured into the city over the past several years: Forbes has reported that between 2015 and 2018, $2.3 billion dollars of venture capital investments were made in Denver companies. In the same report, Forbes ranked Denver as the No. 4 U.S. city for startups, basing its ranking on commercial and household costs, as well as the total amount of capital invested throughout that timeframe.

Although anything outside San Francisco, Boston and New York may once have been considered “Tier 2,” the decentralization of work—especially for tech workers—and the combined advantages of lower costs and equal access to investment funds, have changed everyone’s perception of what is possible outside traditional tech hubs. Denver is capitalizing well on this paradigm shift by attracting increasingly many workers, companies and investors.

An Opportunity for Dynamic Growth

Whether you are looking to branch out or to refine your corporate image, Timelapse offers three categories of services that can help you elevate your brand:

  • Identity – Positioning, Narrative, Logo design, Brand guidline, Naming 
  • Experience – Web, Mobile, UX, Video, Print 
  • Activation – Content, Social, Email, Adtech, Analytics

We’re opening a Denver office specifically to make it easier for clients to gain maximum benefit from everything the city has to offer—no matter what stage they may be at today.


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