Whether you are creating content for a company blog or determining the copy for your brand’s website, keeping SEO in mind is key. SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about choosing long and short-tail keywords and search terms that are likely to match up with popular phrases typed into online search engines like Google or Bing. Finding SEO friendly search terms is about more than just guessing, so using the right tools can make all the difference. Here are the top tools I recommend to help you with SEO optimization.


If you want to get a long list of great SEO friendly search terms in seconds, Ubersuggest is a fantastic resource. Simply type in your root word or phrase, which could be anything from running shoes to Florida real estate, and you will get in return a long list of alphabetized keyword variations and phrases.


This is a paid service, but for less than 50$ it is hard to beat in terms of keyword quality. As you start to type in keywords that relate to your demographic or business, FreshKey will instantly bring up variations on the keyword as well as plurals you might have forgotten. After your root keyword ends, type in one letter at a time to see what other long-tail search terms come up that you may never have thought of. Once you’re done, FreshKey lets you export all your findings as an Excel spreadsheet or copy and paste them into a personal document.

Google’s Keyword Planner

Arguably the most popular of the countless SEO keyword tools out there is Google’s very own Keyword Planner. As the largest and most widely-used search engine on the planet, it makes sense that Google would be behind the biggest keyword tool for SEO optimization. Keyword Planner is free, but you will need a Google AdWords account to utilize the function. The Keyword Planner will give you a list of related keywords, how many times it is searched for each month and what kind of competition you can expect to deal with if you decide to incorporate it into your meta data, content, headers or even URL address.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a software that you can install right on your computer to crawl through websites and their meta data in order to gain SEO perspectives that can help you create optimum keywords for search engines. It will give you a tremendous amount of data, some of which can take a while to wade through, but there are few competitors that can provide the sheer volume of SEO information as Screaming Frog.


This wonderful tool is essentially an amalgamation of auto-fill features found in search engines like Google, the App Store Search and Bing. As you type in your root word, variations will pop up based on what other people search for most. For businesses on a limited budget, the more specific search terms from Keywordtool.io can be a great way to make an impact where there is less competition.

I recommend that anyone wanting to improve their SEO optimization takes full advantage of the many tools available. From free software to affordable online services, these tools can help you find the ideal SEO friendly search terms for any brand, website or service.