Searchmetrics is a software that helps you keep track of many different types of data crucial to anyone with a business website. There are features to measure content performances backlinks, mobile SEO, local SEO and social media metrics. The Searchmetrics Suite comes in several different versions, such as Essentials, Suite Business and Suite Enterprise, which differ in cost and the features you have access to.​

The Challenge of Tracking Your Data

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Marketing experts all agree that it’s crucial to track your data. Not only is it important to be familiar with metrics concerning your own traffic, keywords, domains and social media influence, but that of your competitors as well. There are many tools created for this purpose. Some of them, such as Google Analytics, are free; others are quite costly. Unfortunately, most of them are fairly limited in scope. Another problem is that they can be difficult to use, with a substantial learning curve before you can really benefit from them.

As marketing becomes more complex, it becomes ever more difficult to track everything. Now, for example, you need to track the metrics of all of your social media sites as well as any blogs and websites you own. Comparing your data with that of the competition adds another layer of complexity. That’s why many web based businesses are extremely eager to find a set of tools that give them access to all this data in one place.

Leading Features and Benefits of Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics Suite offers many tools that make it simple to track all kinds of data. The following are just some of the features that come with this software:

Content Performance -Searchmetrics goes beyond just looking at keywords and is able to provide a thorough analysis of your content. Using its proprietary Research Cloud, which is able to access data from social media, PPC and search terms going all the way back to 2009, you will be able to get a comprehensive analysis of how your content is performing.
Backlink Analysis -Get a complete picture of your site’s backlink structure, including both incoming and outgoing links. By understanding the effectiveness and quality of your links, you will be able to devise a more successful SEO strategy.
Optimize Your Social Media Presence -It’s not enough to be active in social media. You want to make sure your efforts are fruitful. Searchmetrics has tools that allow you to measure the performance of your social media campaigns on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. You’ll have access to precise data on social signals, monitor brand perception and gain valuable insights on your competitors’ campaigns.
Mobile SEO -Mobile devices are quickly outpacing computers when it comes to internet usage. That’s why optimizing mobile SEO is such a priority for businesses. Searchmetrics lets you track metrics such as mobile traffic, the performance of keywords on a local basis and lets you stay current with the latest mobile trends. It also lets you differentiate between different mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, gaining valuable metrics from each.​

Expert Tip: Analyze Historical Traffic and SEO

One aspect of the software that’s especially valuable is its ability to measure historical traffic and SEO. This is particularly useful if you’ve been in business for at least a couple of years. In this case, you can find out if your website has been harmed by any of Google’s updates, such as Panda or Penguin. Historical analysis might, for example, show your rankings suddenly dropped significantly at a certain point. You could then dig deeper and use Searchmetrics to tell you what kind of backlinks and other factors are associated with this trend. This can help you identify any problem areas, giving you the ability to make corrections and improvements. This is only one example of how businesses can use Searchmetrics to their advantage.

The Searchmetrics Suite provides a large number of useful tracking and SEO tools, whether you choose the Essentials or Suite Business plan. For larger businesses, there are also more advanced options –Suite Enterprise and Suite Ultimate. Searchmetrics is software for businesses that are serious about having the best possible data at their disposal.