In the world of business, leads are like gold. Valuable leads can turn into potential customers, which translates to more profits for any company. However, traditional methods of leads generation can come up short and sometimes cost a small fortune in the process. While businesses should expect to pay for valid leads, increasing your creativity can help you spend less on these leads. Here are a few of the most unexpected but genius ways to generate leads for your business.

Beef Up Your Email Signature

Every email you send out, whether personal or for business, might include a standard signature at the bottom. Rather than filling that space with just your name or job title, include a link to content or to a site requiring an email address to read more. While many of the people you correspond with might not click the link, some people will. If you broaden your scope and ask several employees to include a link in their work signatures, you could be generating multiple leads each day without spending more than a couple of minutes and not a single penny in the process.

Create an Email-Verified Poll on Your Website

A great website will almost always include a field where users can sign up to receive regular emails, which in and of itself is a key tool for leads generation. However, plenty of users don’t want to receive emails that clog up their inbox, at least not without a prompt or some kind of extra motivation. Instead of simply asking for information outright, create a relevant poll. When users click on their chosen answer, offer to reveal the poll’s overall results by percentage in exchange for a name and a contact email. Users are far more likely to participate in a fun poll than a blatant marketing tool, and you’ll end up generating more leads in the process.

Trade Leads for Content

It is no secret that eBooks can be a great way to generate leads, but what you might not realize is that you don’t have to write an entire book to benefit. Instead, you can create great content that is a page or two long and offer a free introductory paragraph. To lead to the rest of the content, simply ask readers to trade their email address for a digital download, or eBook, containing the remaining content. If you are generating relevant and helpful information, many readers will be more than happy to receive a downloadable version in exchange for their contact information. At the same time, you’ll be generating leads from potential customers who are already interested in your field enough to read related content.

Create a QR Code for a Giveaway

Leads generation is often thought of digitally, but a QR code giveaway can effortlessly bridge that gap and bring in the local leads your business wants most. Creating a QR code online is easy and can be done in just five minutes, and that QR code can correspond to your choice of website or online form. One creative way to target a local demographic is to create flyers or brochures with your QR code and advertise a giveaway for your services or a popular product of value. Anyone who wants to enter the giveaway can scan the QR code with their smartphone and enter their information on the screen of their device. People will be happy to supply you with their information in the hopes of winning, and you’ll have a huge collection of leads that only cost the value of the giveaway items.

Generating leads is an integral way of growing a customer base and increasing profits. Thinking outside of the box with these creative but genius ideas can be an incredible way to boost leads generation without spending your entire marketing budget.